Terms and Conditions

By acknowledging, expressly or implicitly, that you agree to abide by the Haatem Tai online policies and (subject to the terms), you agree that the information you provided in the order is accurate.


  1. All products purchased from Haatem Tai are for your own use and are certainly not for commercial purposes or sale.


  1. Keep in mind that some of our products may be only eligible for certain ages. You should check that you qualify for the recipient of the ordered product.


  1. When you place your order online, we confirm via email/SMS /call that we have received it from you. This confirmation (any of the forms mentioned) will be generated automatically to confirm your order details. If any information is incorrect, you must notify us immediately.


  1. If your ordered products are not in the stock or if there is no delivery ability, we will notify you by SMS or phone call.


  1. All prices listed on the website are accurate at the time of publication; We reserve the right to change the price at any time.


  1. Product Return Policy:

A user may return a product during delivery, or within 24 hours if:

     The product does not meet the expectations of the user

     The product is found damaged during delivery

     In doubt about the quality and quantity of the product

     The product found in unhealthy/unexpected condition

     Not satisfied with the product packaging

     The product is found unsuitable for use


            But the following products may not be eligible for refund or replacement:

     If the product is damaged due to misuse

     If there is any incidental damage due to any repairment of product defects

     Any edible product that has been used

     Product with missing Serial/UPC (Universal Product Code) number

     Any damage/defect that is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty

     Any product that is returned without accessories. Including all original packaging and boxes, and all other accessories that were originally included in the manufacturer’s packaging at the time of delivery of the product/s.

  1. Refund Policy:

Haatem tai tries its best to serve its users. However, if in any case, we fail to fulfil our promise or fail to provide the service, we will notify you within 24 hours by phone/text message/email. If we fail to complete the service, and no refund is required, it will be completed within a maximum of 7 days of our acknowledgment.


Refund requests will be processed under the following conditions:

     If we unable to serve any product

     If the customer returns a product from a paid order


  1. Hatem Tai does not produce or manufacture any product itself, yet Hatem Tai tries to control the quality of the product but does not guarantee any quality. We believe that the manufacturer/seller/supplier is fully capable of ensuring the quality of each product.